Kimberly Louis
Kimberly Louis
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Kimberly spent most of her life in the Fairfield County, CT area. She moved around a lot, growing up having lived in 3 different states, so she understands how it feels to go through the process of moving. She has resided in Norwalk for the last 10 years, and has learned to call this place home. Kimberly is a first-generation American born to two Haitian parents. She is fluent in Haitian Creole and intermediate in Portuguese. Her love for languages stemmed from growing up speaking two languages already and traveling. So far, she has been to 4 different countries and anticipates visiting many more.

In her youth, Kimberly harbored aspirations of various careers. Initially, she aspired to become an orthopedic surgeon, a dream she held onto for a considerable time until transitioning to architectural engineering. This shift may seem drastic, but Kimberly was always passionate about homes. She would watch house tours with friends, and upon obtaining her license at 18, she and her friends would drive all around the Fairfield County area just to admire homes. With a desire to utilize her analytical skills in the home building/buying process, she pursued architectural engineering. However, upon taking an engineering course, she realized that engineering was not her calling.

Kimberly's journey to real estate began during high school when she joined the business program after leaving the engineering program. In her first semester, her finance class participated in a live, stock market competition at King School in Stamford. Despite her lack of prior knowledge about stocks and trading, Kimberly's team remained in the top three out of 40 teams, eventually landing in the top 5. This experience ignited her passion for finance and solidified her decision to pursue real estate, a field where she could blend her interests in houses, finance, and business.

Since obtaining her driver’s license at 18, Kimberly has spent years familiarizing herself with various towns and cities in CT, from Greenwich to Westport. Greenwich, Westport, and Norwalk have become her favorite towns, with Greenwich holding a special place in her heart. Kimberly has attended numerous car events in the Greenwich and Westport areas, as cars are also a passion of hers outside of real estate and language learning. She has had the privilege of witnessing some of the most extraordinary cars through the hobby of "car spotting" during her years of driving around these towns. At 20 years old, Kimberly decided to take her love for cars and her newfound career choice in selling and begin selling cars at a Jeep dealership. It was her way of getting the experience she needed, as well as learn about the selling industry as a whole. In doing so, it only further solidified her career choice and was the final stepping stone she needed to begin her career in real estate.

For Kimberly, real estate isn't just a career path; it's a culmination of her strengths and passions. It allows her to merge her love for homes with her proficiency in finance and business. What began with a dream of architectural engineering has evolved into a fulfilling career in real estate, driven by a shared passion for homes and exploration of Fairfield County with her friends.