3 Beginner Home Projects to Dig Into

Whether you just moved in and are looking to make improvements, or you've called your place "home" for awhile and are ready to upgrade, it can be hard to know where to start. If you're ready for a fresh look, consider one of these beginner home projects. The beauty of these are that they're perfect for any home, new or old, but they'll make your abode feel "new to you."

Make Your Home Feel Like New with These 3 Beginner Home Projects

If you're ready to give your home a new look, roll up your sleeves and try out one of these starter projects.

Closet Overhaul

If your dinky closet isn't cutting it, think about a closet overhaul for your first home renovation project. It instantly adds value and extra storage space. For your project, you can start small with your linen closet and a closet kit from a hardware store, or you can go big by expanding your bedroom closet or turning a spare room into storage. The former is a DIY project while the second might require a contractor and a bit more cash.

Museum-Worthy Gallery Wall

A good DIY project to get you rolling on home renovations is a gallery wall. Even if you've never held a hammer, learning how to pound in nails, use a level, and hang pictures is a great starting place. To make your gallery wall look cohesive, either choose frames with the same finish or similar pictures in a series. If you trust your artistic eye, though, feel free to mix things up. Do you already have a collection of pictures to hang? Then you'll only have to pay for nails. Need to buy some frames or artwork? Expect to pay at least a few hundred dollars to make it look truly grand.

Built-In Cabinets or Bookcases

If you're a bit more handy, or if you want a truly high-impact change for a room that gets a lot of use, try installing a set of built-ins. It's great for storing and displaying a large amount of books, organizing your TV and media center, or showing off a beloved collection. If you can DIY it, you'll only have to pay for materials. If you want a pro to do the job, expect to pay a bit more (a few thousand dollars is standard depending on the materials and finish you could choose for your shelves).

Add Value and Personality to Your Spaces with Beginner Home Projects

A fresh look might be just what you need, whether you are in a new home or have been looking at the same walls for years. Consider taking on one of these projects to start. Plus, if you don't have much handiness there are projects you can do at least partway by yourself and learn as you go.

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