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Home Entertaining Trends

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Planning and organizing a party in your home might be a complex task nowadays. You need to consider things like food and cocktails, decorating, and different kind of activities.

But don’t worry!

We have researched all the latest home entertaining trends to help you create an enjoyable party atmosphere along with a great experience for all your


Advantages of Selling Your Home in the Fall

Here in Fairfield as well as throughout the state, it’s a well-known fact that spring is the most popular time to put your home on the market.  Our lush landscapes reappear, blooming dogwood trees line the streets and a home’s curb appeal welcomes the new season of home sellers and buyers.

The Vanderblue Team's Urban to Suburban Division

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Attention City Folk!

Have you heard about Vanderblue's Urban to Suburban Division?


Check out the top 10 things you'll love about Urban to Suburban Division:

1. Seasoned agents who have been in your shoes...have moved from a metropolitan city ...NYC... to a suburban community

2. Experiential knowledge of adapting to a new lifestyle...and it IS an adjustment [...]

Mindset Matters in Real Estate

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We can adjust our mindset to help us accomplish careers goals as well overcoming personal challenges.  In the words of Mahatma Gandhi, “Your beliefs become your thoughts, your thoughts become your words, your words become your actions, your actions become your habits, and your habits become your destiny.” Here are a few mindsets to embrace before you list your home.

Selling Your Home with Pets

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If you own a dog, cat or other pets and plan to list your residence soon, there may be no time like the present to prepare your home. While many homeowners consider their pets as “family members”, there are homebuyers that choose to differ.  They need to be able to picture themselves in your home.

How Staying Home Has Changed Home Buying Trends

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Over the past few years home buyers have consistently had their eyes on move-in-ready homes with an open floor plan that incorporates the kitchen, dining and family room.  And while that appears to be an ongoing trend, the Covid 19 stay home, stay safe orders have many reevaluating the home features they need.

What Makes Your Home More Photogenic?

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The first contact a home buyer has with your home will be online, which is why it’s so important to have the best photos to accompany your listing information. Preparing for professional photography does require some work,  but if you follow these recommendations your home will be camera-ready when your photographer arrives.

Ways to Keep the Kiddos Busy...

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By Anne Frewen of The Vanderblue Team


After pulling out the shape sorter and reading the same book five times I realized a need another game plan...or maybe 20 game plans.  Most of us are in the same boat so I thought I'd share a some of what I've found most helpful out there.  The sites below are geared more to toddler through elementary [...]