Before You List Your Home This Fall...

As we are heading into the Fall 2023 real estate market, the number of homes for sale as compared to 2022 remains low, and, despite rising mortgage interest rates, the number of active buyers creating demand and competion for homes remains high.

In Fairfield County, for example, heading into August... the Inventory of Homes for Sale was 38.6% less than the same time last year (low supply) while Median Sales Price was 8.5% higher and % of List Price Received was 104.3% (both indicating high demand).

But even in this market favorable to sellers, presenting your home in its best light is critical in order to maximize selling price and to shorten market time.
Wondering what kind of budget you may need to prepare your home for sale
without breaking the bank? The answer depends on your home.
First, for a general overview, check out the infographic below, published by the National Association of Realtors, which outlines the repairs and enhancements most recommended by listing agents, as well as their average cost as estimated by

But before you pull out that card or checkbook, consult with a Realtor on which actions will add the most value and appeal to your specific home, and which to forego. (For example, it may only be recommended to paint two rooms at a cost of $2,000, or to landscape only an area near the house at $900).

I and my colleagues with the Vanderblue Team would be delighted to provide you with customized low-cost and no-cost ways to ensure your home is presented at its finest, as well as our network of trusted provider partners who often offer cost savings to sellers.

Call me to set up a time to discuss your goals and timing plus many other strategies to assist you in achieving the highest possible selling price this Fall!

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