Interior Design Trends to Increase Your Home Value in 2024

The ever-changing world of interior design plays an intricate role in a home buyer's decision, allowing individualism to shine through with unique stylistic choices. Understanding current trends enables sellers to update their homes in ways that appeal to a broad range of buyers. 

High Quality Lighting

By incorporating good lighting in your home, you can highlight architectural features, artwork, and other distinct focal points in the room, adding depth and dimension. It’s important to place emphasis on key areas of your home that you would like to accentuate. Lighting also significantly impacts the mood of the room: warm lighting creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere, whereas cooler lighting can make the space feel more energetic and vibrant. If you want your room to appear larger and more open, you can strategically position lights to reflect off surfaces, creating the illusion of more space. 


There are many ways to incorporate high-quality lighting into your home to increase its value. One approach is upgrading your lighting fixtures. This could mean replacing the outdated fixtures with modern, higher-quality ones or selecting lighting styles that compliment your home’s design - sleek metal designs for contemporary homes or timeless chandeliers for traditional spaces. Another method to enhance home value through lighting upgrades is integrating a smart lighting system. This can include automated controls, dimmers, and sensors. You can install smart lighting systems that can be controlled at the palm of your hand through apps or voice commands. This provides easy access for the homeowners and adds a high-tech appeal to your home. Dimmers and sensors adjust light intensity based on the time of day or activity, while motion sensors are a great way to enhance convenience and energy efficiency in areas like hallways and closets. 

Wellness Features 

With a focus on healthy living, people are searching for homes that match their personal or desired lifestyle. This is why creating serene spaces where one can engage in physical activity or enjoy their own outdoor oasis is a way to make your home more desirable for buyers. By incorporating outdoor living areas such as patios or gardens, homeowners not only promote relaxation and wellness but also enhance curb appeal. Another way homeowners are integrating wellness into their homes is by adding a home gym and/or pool. This caters to buyers who are looking to maintain an active lifestyle at home and provides an additional perk for those who enjoy the serenity of their own backyard. 

These features not only enhance the living experience but also align with the current trends toward health and wellness, thereby making homes more desirable and valuable overall. 

OR ...

Smart-Home Technology

With the constantly evolving and growing popularity of incorporating technology into homes, homeowners are increasingly seeking convenience, efficiency and connectivity. One way to achieve this is by installing smart thermostats, which can optimize energy usage by learning household patterns and adjusting heating and cooling accordingly. This can lead to potential savings and a reduced environmental impact overall. Additionally, investing in smart locks and surveillance systems can enhance home security. 

These smart-home additions are scalable and customizable for homeowners, allowing them to start with basic features and expand as desired. Homes equipped with these advancements are becoming increasingly attractive to tech-savvy buyers who value modern amenities. Marketing your home as technologically advanced and well-equipped can broaden the range of prospective buyers. 

Neutral Color Palettes

Neutral color palettes have always been a strong trend in interior design, due to their timeless elegance and versatility. Whites, grays, beiges, and soft tones accentuate the sophisticated look of a home, without the fear of them going out of style. This palette serves as a versatile backdrop that complements a plethora of design styles. Having a neutral color scheme allows homeowners to easily change and envision various accent colors and decor without the need to repaint. This palette appears to a wide range of potential buyers, providing them with a neutral canvas to envision their own style in the home. 

Updating Your Kitchen 


The kitchen, often referred to as the “heart” of the home, serves as the central hub for families and friends to gather and socialize. An emerging trend seen this year is the inclusion of bold backsplashes. By incorporating these bold, colorful backsplashes with unique tile designs and geometric patterns, it creates a striking focal point. Homeowners seeking to add energy and personality to the space may opt for vibrant or rich colors. For those aiming for a modern touch, backsplashes featuring geometric shapes are popular. Another trend for backsplashes involves using mirror tiles or those with high-gloss finishes to reflect light and make the kitchen appear larger and brighter. Looking to add warmth and organic beauty? Incorporate backsplashes inspired by nature, such as those mimicking the look of marble. 

There are other ways to update the kitchen without changing the backsplashes. One option is installing large kitchen islands with high-quality countertops. These islands emphasize the entertainment aspect of the kitchen. For those seeking an open concept living feel, these larger countertops allow for seamless integration between the living and dining areas. Homes with spacious, well-designed kitchens featuring these large islands are highly desirable among buyers.

Another effective strategy to increase home value is by incorporating state-of-the-art kitchen appliances. This can involve investing in high-quality brands known for durability and reliability, with robust warranties to ensure longevity. Choosing appliances that match the kitchen’s finishes, such as stainless steel for a sleek, modern look, can also enhance the kitchen’s appeal.

Focusing on the central hub of the home is a great way to increase the value of your property. 

Luxury Finishes 

Incorporating luxury finishes into your interior design can elevate the perceived value of your home significantly. This can be done by opting for premium materials such as marble, granite, quartzite, or high end woods for flooring and cabinetry. Another way is to upgrade the fixtures throughout your home, including lighting, faucets, door handles, and more. You can replace standard knobs and handles with designer hardware in beautiful finishes like brushed gold or matte black. If you are looking to add a statement piece to your home, consider adding a grand chandelier or a piece of statement artwork. Large and bright windows are a drawn-to aspect of a home; this beautiful feature can be enhanced with custom draperies or curtains made from high-quality fabrics and featuring beautiful designs to elegantly frame the windows. 

Changing the wallpaper to one with a more textured look is also a great way to add depth and sophistication to your home. Strategically incorporating luxury finishes throughout your home can enhance overall appeal and marketability, attracting potential buyers who appreciate attention to detail and quality craftsmanship.

 ~Written by Elizabeth Casey, Vanderblue Team Intern

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