Blog :: 09-2015

CT Post Article -- Agent Profile on Julie Vanderblue

Check out this feature on Julie from last Sunday's CT Post...


For real estate agent Julie Vanderblue, what sets her apart from her peers is her amazing team of full-time professionals dedicated to excellence.  They have diverse areas of expertise and are able to offer more experiential knowledge and expertise and [...]

Behind the Scenes | Chapter 3

Chapter three?of 'Behind the Scenes' with The Vanderblue Team. Have you ever thought about appealing your property taxes, but are unsure of the proper steps to get yourself the best result? Look no further! Colleen Intrieri, Realtor on The Vanderblue Team, gives a thorough breakdown of the tax appeal process,?including?her own experiences [...]

Loan Update: Borrowers who have been denied in the past may now qualify

Below is an market update about Loans in Fairfield County, courtesy of David Garofalo, Branch Manager at Total Mortgage in Trumbull, Connecticut.

Conversion of Principal Residence No Longer Applies - Rental Income

We no longer need 30% equity nor do we need proof of the security deposit just a LEASE. For those who don't remember, borrowers [...]

Behind the Scenes | Chapter 2

Chapter two of 'Behind the Scenes' with The Vanderblue Team. Realtor Ed Zislis discusses his approach to pricing a home and his experience in dealing with short sales.

Pricing Right

How many times have you come across a seller who thinks their house is worth way more than the market will bear?

I am all for getting the TOP DOLLAR for every seller, yet I hate to see a property sit and a listing get stale when the sellers is unrealistic about market [...]