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Behind the Scenes | Chapter 2

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Chapter two of 'Behind the Scenes' with The Vanderblue Team. Realtor Ed Zislis discusses his approach to pricing a home and his experience in dealing with short sales.

Pricing Right

How many times have you come across a seller who thinks their house is worth way more than the market will bear?

I am all for getting the TOP DOLLAR for every seller, yet I hate to see a property sit and a listing get stale when the sellers is unrealistic about market expectations.

You can't negotiate with properties. You have to negotiate with people. An excellent question to ask a seller when trying to price their property is, "Knowing what you know about this property, would you buy it at this price?" This is an awesome question to ask, as it makes them reveal any problems with the property or the real reason they're selling.

Another great question is: "If you were to stay here, what repairs would you do?" After listing the repairs needed, aloud, the homeowner, who had been on the fence about selling, quickly struck a deal with me! Too much work for her-she was happier and freer moving on. This helps the homeowner price adjust accordingly-and gets their home sold every time!

Short -saling... Accolades!

Do you have a high-priced house, a good job, and are wondering if you qualify for a short sale? We just short -saled a house for $3,950,000 in New Canaan. Divorce situation. The homeowner was still working and had money. Why did the bank allow for a short sale? Because the homeowner had a hardship-they did not have the difference in what they owed to the banks and what the market value was to pay the banks, thus, they allowed a short sale.

Two banks involved-they each took a hit. The homeowners got out of both loans without owing any deficiency.

As one of only seven CT licensed Debt Negotiators, my passion is helping distressed homeowners out from under unwanted homes that are strangling them financially. For the past seven years, as a Realtor and short sale negotiator, I have helped 100s of homeowners by selling their homes and getting them out of their deficiencies with the banks, as well as countless other lien holders; including state and federal taxes, mechanics liens, water liens, you name it!

Do you have relief? Do you have to short sale your house or know someone who does? Call us for a free, confidential consultation from a licensed debt negotiator and Realtor!

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