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What's In Your Summertime Bag?

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Summer is finally here and that means it’s time to pack that tote bag for the beach, lake or picnic. Fairfield County is loaded with great day trips but right here in Fairfield we have our own local beaches and lakes that provide us with endless summertime enjoyment.

We all know we need sunscreen, towels, hats, hand sanitizers/wipes, beach toys, an umbrella, to name a few.  Over the years, I have collected  & revised many time- saving “genius hacks” as they are now called for summertime trips out and about.

Here are a few of my favorite go-to’s:

Bring Summer Into Your Home With Citrus Flower Centerpieces

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Written by Janine Vairo, Realtor | Vanderblue Team

The weather is really warming up and everything is very green. It is a great time to incorporate sunny yellows and green limes into your home this summer. Whether you are getting ready to put your house on the market, stage your home or just having a fun dinner party…creating floral centerpieces with fresh limes and lemons will bring that "summertime" feeling into your house.

In addition, the smell of the limes mixing with the florals creates a very fresh scent. Citrus fruits bring a natural bright element and texture to centerpieces. These floral arrangements do not take long to create and really do make a statement.

Lemons and limes in floral arrangements not only look very beautiful but they also help prolong the life of your flowers! When you add lemons (or lemon juice) to the water in your flower vase, it helps to improve the flow of water in the flower stems. In addition, the natural sugars from the lemons help open the buds on your flowers and the acid in the lemons will also help reduce the amount of residue/fungi build-up in your flower vase.