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Bring Summer Into Your Home With Citrus Flower Centerpieces

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Written by Janine Vairo, Realtor | Vanderblue Team | Higgins Group Real Estate

The weather is really warming up and everything is very green. It is a great time to incorporate sunny yellows and green limes into your home this summer. Whether you are getting ready to put your house on the market, stage your home or just having a fun dinner party…creating floral centerpieces with fresh limes and lemons will bring that "summertime" feeling into your house.

In addition, the smell of the limes mixing with the florals creates a very fresh scent. Citrus fruits bring a natural bright element and texture to centerpieces. These floral arrangements do not take long to create and really do make a statement.

Lemons and limes in floral arrangements not only look very beautiful but they also help prolong the life of your flowers! When you add lemons (or lemon juice) to the water in your flower vase, it helps to improve the flow of water in the flower stems. In addition, the natural sugars from the lemons help open the buds on your flowers and the acid in the lemons will also help reduce the amount of residue/fungi build-up in your flower vase.

The result is a beautiful and unique centerpiece, guaranteed to catch the eyes of your guests and also help save you a lot of money (compared to buying a pre-made centerpiece from a florist).

Here’s how to make the centerpiece which is perfect for summer gatherings:

*Lemons or Limes (about 3-8, depending on size of vase) Centerpiece Directions:

1. Cut up Lemons/limes into slices. Use as many as you need, for the look you want.

2. Fill your vase with water.

3. Arrange flowers into vase.

4. Add lemons and or limes one at a time

They may try to float up, but just continue adding more lemons, pushing them down into each other - using your hand, or a wooden spoon. You may also put a vase into a vase (cylinder) effect. Then just keep placing lemons or limes all around the vase until they are nice and snug and stay in place. 

You can also use other citrus fruits such as oranges or grapefruit to enhance your flowers. I hope you enjoyed this simple and fruitful idea. It just adds a nice little sunny twist to your floral arrangements and makes your home more inviting for everyone passing through! Happy summer!


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