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What's In Your Summertime Bag?

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Written by Lori Auerbach, Realtor | Vanderblue Team | Higgins Group Real Estate

Summer is finally here and that means it’s time to pack that tote bag for the beach, lake or picnic. Fairfield County is loaded with great day trips but right here in Fairfield we have our own local beaches and lakes that provide us with endless summertime enjoyment.

We all know we need sunscreen, towels, hats, hand sanitizers/wipes, beach toys, an umbrella, to name a few.  Over the years, I have collected  & revised many time- saving “genius hacks” as they are now called for summertime trips out and about.

Here are a few of my favorite go-to’s:


1. Baby Powder:

My number one pet peeve is the sand that lingers on my damp feet way after I have left the beach or lake. Baby powder soaks up the moisture that allows the sand to cling. Shake, brush off and you are pretty much sand free for the car ride home.

2. Mesh laundry bag for water & sand toys:

This is a no brainer but I learned the hard way years ago. With the mesh bag you can literally load in the toys, toss in the surf and shake & go.  It’s also a great way to haul home shells. When you arrive home just hang it up outside to finish drying…and it’s ready for the next trip!

3. Homemade Slushy:

I prefer to control the amount & type of sugar that goes into what we consume therefore you won’t find a frozen, prepackaged drink pouch in my beach bag. You can prepare your own refreshment using fresh fruits and even coconut water. Lemonade with fresh mint happens to be our current favorite. Mixed it up, pour it in the pint size freezer Ziploc(leave some room for expansion as it freezes) and freeze the night before. It’s best if you can freeze it in an upright, standing position.  Don’t forget to pack a few straws! Not only will it refresh you but it will also help to keep other items chilled.

4. Spike Coasters:

Can’t stand a sandy drink can or water bottle.  This nifty gadget is basically a “golf tee” for your drink! They are available all over the Web.

5. Any food in a mason jar:

I know it’s glass and there’s the chance it might break but for reusable purposes & freshness- the jar rules! Great for hummus dip and veggie sticks and the infamous layered salads. If you’re going to a no glass location- switch to a plastic container or plastic cup with a lid.

6. Mini First Aid Kit:

This goes without saying but make sure you have tweezers on hand as well.  Whether you’re sunning by the lake or surf, bits of broken shells or a splinter will often find its way into your peaceful day. And in my case, a mini magnifying glass is in my kit so I can see the microscopic invader!

7. Zipzicle:

I recently discovered these on a Pinterest board.  Zipzicles are tubular, BPA free, reusable zip-like bags! Yes-make your own squeeze-sicle or “adult” cocktail-sicle! Also great for custom yogurt creations but my mind goes quickly to a margarita!

Summertime is a fabulous season here in Fairfield County so get out there…hit the Sound and visit our many inland lakes and parks as well. But -go prepared. I’ve shared my favorite venture bag hacks and would love to hear about your way pack for the summertime outings. Have a Happy and Safe Summer!

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