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Serenity and breathtaking views ...

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Written by Thora Svalgard-Karukas, Realtor | Vanderblue Team | Higgins Group Real Estate

As a realtor, when you step into a home for the first time, you always get some kind of feeling, a first impression.

When stepping into 165 Ponus Ave, Norwalk, I was immediately struck with a peaceful and deep esthetic experience.

As a yoga teacher, walking out onto the lovely deck, with it's enormous and shady maple tree, I thought, what a great place to practice yoga! The more time I spent there, the more I secretly fell in love with the place. It got me wondering, how do I get the word out about how magical this home is? You really can't explain it in words, and pictures don't quite capture it's emotional pull.

When I did my first open house there, I actually wore a dress with a very groovy Peter Max pattern, so I could look like I fit in, like I was part of the staging. Unfortunately, I think I was was only one who got it. Anyway what to do...then as I was writing the descriptive words for the listing, I wrote 4 words... "must see in person", and it hit me, teach a yoga class here! Invite agents and buyers to come and practice here, giving them an up close and personal chance to see how wonderful this little oasis in Norwalk is.


We just had our first Yoga Brokers Open House yesterday, and it was a smash hit. Not only did I hit it out of the park with a great class (if I do say so myself!), but the property was showing off as well. It was a beautiful sunny day, and the shade of the maple tree kept us cool as we flowed through our practice. The natural spring pond glistened in the sun, as inviting as ever. It felt as natural being there as being on any vacation...yes...vacation.

I am planning another Yoga class there, and honestly, I want to do a few more before it sells. I will keep you posted!


Click Here for Ponus Avenue Magazine!





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