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Is Social Media Really Effective in Real Estate Marketing?

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Julie Vanderblue

The Vanderblue Team/Higgins Group

After 22 years of creatively marketing real estate throughout Fairfield County, I can say with certainty, social media is imperative when marketing properties at the highest level.

Realtors who are savvy with social media offer a great advantage for their clients.  Some may say social media advertising is hard to track, but if an agent has the proper know-how, strategic plan and budget they are leaps and bounds ahead of the rest.

Some Realtors will post properties on their own personal or business Facebook page with no budget, which although increases exposure, is not very productive.  Those who take the time to understand the dynamic and power behind utilizing a deliberate social media campaign will find the most success.

Social media allows us to reach hyper local audiences with a level of sophistication that we’ve never had access to before. We can now proactively target behaviors, interests and intentions by the simple act of utilizing social media platforms. Does it cost money? Yes. Is it effective? With a strategic approach, absolutely. Just be aware that without a proper plan, funds and professional advice, social media can be more of a time suck and false sense of security than a successful marketing campaign.

The largest demographic of home buyers in the U.S. are millennials (Gen Y), having surpassed baby boomers this past year … and they are certainly not the only group using social media. Take a look at the top sites and the staggering numbers (ever growing) of their worldwide users (I stress “world wide” as agents can target countries, types of buyers, groups, patterns of behaviors, etc.)

Facebook: 2.2 billion

YouTube: 1.9 billion

Instagram: 1 billion

LinkedIn: 500 million

Twitter: 330 million

Pinterest: 175 million

Keep an eye on upcoming third party community sites like (a rapidly rising international site) and you will notice the savvy agents are early adapters. More buyers are looking at third party sites such as than agent or company real estate websites, particularly those that educate about the town and not just homes for sale. Hop on the social media train with agents who are in the know and able to employ video, creative messaging, proper targeting, animated ads and consistency.

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