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The Dollar & Sense on Energy Saving Home Improvements

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The Dollar & Sense on Energy Saving Home Improvements

By Lori Auerbach, Vanderblue Team Realtor

Homeowners often question what home improvements will increase the value of there home.  Upgrades such as bathroom remodels, a deck addition, and new siding make the list. It’s easy to see how these improvements enhance the physical appearance and functionality of the home, but what about value that energy efficient improvements offer?
There’s no doubt that we live in an energy conscious world and energy-efficient home upgrades benefit not just the current homeowner but potential buyers if you’re planning to sell your home in the near future.  
Here are five top rated, energy efficient home upgrades to consider:

  • Garage & Entry Doors: When replacing doors, factors such as materials and insulation play key roles in how energy efficient the doors are.  Steel or fiberglass doors tend to offer more insulation. Look for Energy Star rated products. Also, always take into consideration how the doors complement your home.  Recoup value on a garage door replacement can be up to 133percent and entry doors scores as high as 91 percent!
  • Windows: Energy efficient windows can save up upwards of $500 a year in heating/cooling cost and with a recoup value of up to 75 percent, this home improvement brings value. Not only will your home be more energy efficient but also attractive windows will definitely compliment your home’s appearance!
  • Insulation: It has been reported that almost 90 percent of U.S. homes are under insulated.  Adding insulation happens to be one of the least expensive energy efficient improvements that have a recoup value of up to 108 percent! Adding insulation in attics and crawl spaces are easy DIY weekend jobs.
  • Appliances: The time will come when household appliances will reach the end of their life expectancy, just as my dishwasher has this month.  While you want the appliance to blend with your existing interior décor, consider replacing with Energy Star-rated appliances.  They are good for the environment, and because they use less energy, they will save you money in the long run. Homebuyers do look for Energy Star rated appliances.
  • Household Mechanicals: HVAC and Hot water heaters are the big-ticket items that homebuyers question.  According to This Old House, a 10 to 15 year well maintained furnace might last past 25 years! But how energy efficient is it? Heating bills account for around one-third of annual household utility costs.  Replacing an older system will bring you comfort and savings while you still live in your home. If you plan to sell in the near future, potential buyers will certainly appreciate your new energy efficient HVAC or hot water heater.

If you want a more complete energy rating of your home consider scheduling an audit.   In coordination with Energize CT, the Clean Energy Task Force of Fairfield residents have the opportunity to schedule an audit of their home’s energy use. for more information.
*Recoup Values obtained from Remodeling Magazine’s Cost vs Value Report 2018


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