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7 Kitchen Backsplash Options to Try Besides Tile

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These days, as far as materials to use in kitchen design, the sky’s the limit. Tile is just the beginning.

Innovative products and techniques give you the ability to get creative with your kitchen backsplash. This is just one of the ways to achieve a one-of-a-kind space that is uniquely you. Your kitchen backsplash doesn’t have to be ordinary, and it certainly doesn’t have to be boring. Think outside the box and discover options you may not have known existed. These kitchen backsplash ideas are for budgets both big and small.

1. Mirrored Tile

In a small kitchen, a mirrored backsplash can create the illusion of space and light up dark corners. Try mirrored tiles, or salvage an antique mirror with a beautiful aged patina.

2. Tin Sheets

A good option if you’re on a budget is tin sheets. Traditionally used on ceilings – think turn-of-the-century shops and old buildings – you can definitely use it as a backsplash for some interest. Plus, it’s super-easy to install and will keep you under budget.

3. Wallpaper + Tile

For a cool look, consider mixing materials. You may not think wallpaper can stand up to a kitchen, especially if it’s pricey paper, but that’s where you’re wrong. Use pretty tile halfway up the wall for durability, then install paper above it.

4. Wall Murals

If you don’t have much money for a backsplash, an inexpensive wall mural can add a big dose of personality. Wall decals can be found in a limitless array of designs online, or work with a printing company to have a custom photo blown up and made into a wall mural decal.

5. Reclaimed Wood

Solid wood is sturdy enough for floors, so why not for your backsplash? Reclaimed wood adds a fun, rustic vibe to any kitchen, is durable, and can be finished in all kinds of ways – stained; painted; installed horizontally, vertically, or in a pattern; and more.

6. Fresh Tile Materials

When it comes to tile, you don’t have to go for traditional ceramic. Try fresh options like marble, limestone, stainless steel, or concrete tiles. Each has its own unique color, texture, and finish, which can add a lot of oomph to your kitchen design.

7. Chalkboard Paint

For a backsplash that invites creativity, consider chalkboard paint. Leave it blank for a fun, matte finish, or let the kids draw a design and change it up weekly. You can also use it for practical purposes, like writing out grocery lists or jotting down a special menu or recipe.

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