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How to Make Your Sunroom Beautiful: 5 Smart Tips

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If you have a sunroom, you’re very familiar with how comforting and welcoming these unique places can be. As the weather turns warmer, though, you may be looking for ways to make your sunroom more comfortable and functional. Here’s your complete guide to overhauling the space.

Whether your sunroom is a new addition or the factor that made you buy your home, these five steps can take it from good to great in a hurry.

1. Bring in Comfortable Seating

The ultimate addition to any sunroom is comfortable, beautiful seating. While most people use wicker furniture in their sunrooms, you can bring in upholstered or covered pieces, just as long as your sunroom is covered or enclosed. For best results, look for pieces that reflect the bright, airy nature of the room.

2. Create an Eating Area

One of the big benefits of a sunroom is that it can act as a second living room, especially when you want to be outside, but the weather is less than perfect. To make the space function as well as possible, create a dining area within it. If the area is small, a simple coffee table and two chairs will work. Larger areas beg for a full dining table, centerpiece, and chairs.

3. Give it Some Privacy

Thanks to all their windows, sunrooms are very exposed, which can be a problem if you have neighbors. To add some privacy without sacrificing light, add some gauzy white curtains to the space. These allow you to block the view without blocking sunlight.

4. Add Some Greenery

Bring the outdoors in by adding some greenery to your sunroom. Again, this space is designed to act as a bridge between the outdoors and indoors, and will look beautiful with hanging pots, climbing vines, or flowering bushes.

5. Add Some Carpets

Carpets shield your feet from chilly floors and make the sunroom feel like a living space, rather than a catch-all for clutter. For best results, invest in a beautiful, large indoor/outdoor rug that can hold up to sandy feet and the occasional water spill, but doesn’t sacrifice style. Because sunrooms offer lots of light, a beautiful rug in a bright pattern will work well.


A More Enjoyable Sunroom Starts Here

A sunroom is a welcome addition to any home. Designed to extend your living area and offer the benefits of being outside, while also providing some shelter from bad weather or cold temperatures, a sunroom is a great place to relax, unwind, read, or host a nice dinner with family and friends.

While sunrooms are beautiful as they are, these five tips can take your space from nice to outstanding in a matter of moments. Ideal for any sunroom, large or small, these interior design tips are a smart way to improve your sunroom in a hurry.

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