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How to Choose Colors for Your Home Renovation

You’re in the planning stages of your home renovation. You know what materials you’d like to use, what furniture you want to get, and the way you’d like to change the layout. What’s next? It’s time to consider the details – the frosting on the cake. It’s time to choose colors for your home.

What should you do? Do you follow the trendy color palette that’s dominating home magazines? Do you choose a color you love? If so, what shade? What tone?

It’s easy to see why so many homeowners throw up their hands and choose beige, cream, or some other neutral. For many, this choice is a default that just means they couldn’t choose.

If you’re yearning for some color but are stuck, you don’t have to go with a shade because “it matches everything.” Here’s how to be a bit bold and splash some life into your home design.

How to Choose Colors for Your Home: 3 Tips and Tricks

Choosing colors isn’t a science. If you’re worried about your choices, remember: It’s just paint.

But, if you’d like to improve your chances of making a good choice, follow these tips.

1. Look to Nature

Is there a natural landscape you gravitate toward? Perhaps you love the warm hues of a desert. Maybe you’re drawn to the cool, breezy tones of the English coast or the warm, tropical colors of a Hawaiian beach.

Look at photos of your favorite landscape (or, if you love where you live, look out your own windows) and pull colors from there.

2. Choose a Color from an Object You Love

Another great place to get color inspiration is from a beloved object, treasure, or art piece you own already. Look at the colors on it and choose a few to work with. Then, when your room is complete, you can display the object in a place of pride.

For example, maybe you have a painting you love, an heirloom vase, a beautiful rug, or a special set of dishes. Or, maybe you love the look of an old photograph, a book cover, or even the lamp you just bought. Inspiration can come from anywhere. Look at the colors on these pieces and use what speaks to you.

3. Choose a Mood, Instead

If you just can’t choose a color, forget about it. Instead, hone in on the mood you want to create in the room.

For example, do you want your kitchen to be a vibrant place with lots of energy? Or would you prefer it be cool, calm, and collected so you don’t feel stressed while cooking? Once you pinpoint the mood you want in the room, choose colors accordingly.

A bright, spicy kitchen calls for oranges, reds, or shades of happy yellow. A calm, clean, soothing kitchen would have soft blues, whites, greens, or grays.

It can be hard to know how to choose colors for your home. Follow these tips and you’ll end up with a room splashed with a color you absolutely love.

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