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Stunning Floral Arrangements For Your Home

Often, when it comes to home interior, less turns out to be more. Not everyone is into heavy chandeliers, gold mirror frames or Persian rugs, especially when you live in a small apartment or if you are staging your home for sale on a budget.

Luckily, the natural and gentle beauty of flowers can bring out the best features of any place with minimum styling effort and dazzle potential buyers.

There is a great variety of flowers to choose from but you should keep in mind a few things in order to create stunning floral arrangements.

First of all, pick flowers that correspond well with your home decor.

Red or white roses and tulips, for example, look good against mahogany or antique furniture.

Chrysanthemums and orchids are a good match for a minimalist-styled home.

Larger floral arrangements with lilies are great for highlighting your kitchen space.

Second, you should consider the color theme of your room – a floral arrangement can contrast the palette of the walls and furniture for a striking look or complement it for a subtler effect.

Last but certainly not least – take good care of your potted plants and make sure you do your best to extend the life of cut flowers. A simple trick like trimming a little bit from the stems every day will ensure a steady flow of nutrients and water and will keep the flowers fresh much longer. And remember – a sparkling clean vase is a must!

Now that you have carefully considered all of the above, all you have to do is relax, unleash your creativity and scroll down for some stunning floral arrangements ideas that will liven up your home and make a great first impression.

Floral Bird Cage

You can use a Victorian birdcage as a succulent planter, weave in roses for a statement centerpiece at your dinner table or just hang it in your living room for everyone to admire.

Hatbox Full Of Flowers

Fill in a hatbox with rose and peony blossoms for a playful floral arrangement suitable for end tables and coffee tables alike.

Candlesticks Centerpiece

Arrange jasmine, wax flower and baby’s breath in silver compotes for a romantic vibe, or make an artistic statement with succulents and single blooms on copper candlesticks.

Copper Bucket Indoor Planter

Floral arrangements in a copper bucket on a wrought-iron stand by the staircase will add an international feel and accentuate this otherwise uninteresting area of the house.

Mason Jars

Wall scones with Mason Jars look great in the hallway and add a rustic and cozy feel the minute you step inside. You can decorate the Mason Jars with white paint and fill them with white tea roses or make an impressive centerpiece by putting them in a lettered wooden drawer.

Geometric Concrete Vases and Planters

If you are a fan of Minimalism, a collection of small concrete vases and planters will create a stunning geometric effect while emphasizing the gentle beauty of the flowers.

Floral arrangements are the easiest way to freshen up your home interior and impress potential buyers. Just choose the flowers that harmonize best with your furniture, color theme and personal style and have fun putting the ideas above into practice.

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