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What I Learned at My First Internship

My name is Claire Fischer and I am a graduating senior at Staples High School in Westport, Connecticut. As a senior we finish school 4 weeks before graduation and spend that time at an internship in hopes of gaining real-world experiences. Friends of mine are interning at physical therapy offices, veterinary practices, and yoga studios. There are countless options to choose from, and even an opportunity to develop your own internship. 

I chose to intern with The Vanderblue Team at The Higgins Group in order to learn more about the marketing and business side of real estate, but I have learned so much more. Working in a professional environment, as well as being surrounded by adults everyday has been a learning experience. Along the way, I have grasped that although sometimes you’re going to make mistakes and they may affect someone else, I also learned that your co-workers want you to succeed and that everyone is there to help one another. I have come to understand that not everything is a competition, and after going to a highly competitive high school, this has been a welcome change for me. Over these past four weeks, everything I have worked on has been focused around teamwork, group effort, and communication. The Vanderblue Team has a unique and truly incredible environment, one that I’m especially grateful that I got to experience. This internship has done more than just teach me about marketing, it has given me the chance to gain a new perspective on collaboration and teamwork. It has taught me that contributing to a team and rooting for each other's success is the right way to go about life.


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