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Marketable Change

Change is hard.  People fight change.  It makes them uncomfortable.  Sometimes when you hear an idea, your reaction may be... well that's just stupid or silly or unnecessary without possibly fully understanding why a change is being proposed or has been implemented.  Taking the time to self-educate, prior to reacting either positively or negatively is incredibly important.  That's the difference between people who know what they're talking about and those who pretend, mislead and spread misinformation.

While the topic of how one digests change is very broad, I am talking about one specific change that's recently taken place throughout the Real Estate industry.  I'm referring to a change in terminology.  A one-word change.  That's right one... word...  Surely how could one word affect you?  How could it affect anyone?  It's a word!  It's not even a "four-letter" word.

But for some people, this word was much worse than a 4-letter word.  It hurt more.  Deeper.  Painful.  Disrespectful.  An unnecessary reminder of another time.  A time long ago yet full of agony even today.  While we have thankfully moved forward in one regard, we have adopted verstages of this period into our lives, our vernacular, our thinking without giving it a second thought.  

I was raised to believe words can not hurt you.  What I have learned is that words do not hurt ME however they could and do hurt other people.  I've learned to choose my words carefully, always cognizant of the feelings of others.  Yet there are times, situations, conversations, that I find myself wishing I had chosen a better word, phrase or topic.  Ahh the continuing education of me...

The word I am referring to, the word that has been such a topic of conversation, discussion and yes change, is the word master.  The history lesson here is important however I won't be taking the time to dig into that here (although I would highly encourage you to do so).  The word itself is harmless but it's the meaning and the history that's so destructive. The word places one person on a higher plane than another, making one superior and one subordonnant; one in command and the other without rights; one ruler and one subservient; one the master and one the slave.

The Real Estate industry recognized change was needed, necessary and acted.  Some would say it took too long for this change to occur while others grapple with why it had to happen at all.  Replacing the word master with another word, most commonly primary, in the marketing and sale of a home, should be applauded as progress.  Yet simply training yourself to say & write another word (remember change is not easy) should not be the end but only the beginning of the change in all of us.

Who knew embracing change would be such a benefit to you and our society.  And one word can lead the way if we allow it to. 

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