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The Best Ice Cream Experiences in Fairfield County

Ice cream-- a staple dessert in almost every household! Grocery stores contain dozens of flavors for everyone’s cravings, and limitless toppings. However, Fairfield County offers numerous unique, popular, and delicious ice cream shops in which people travel from all over the state to experience. These top locations will have the entire family eager to go out for a frozen treat, and so much more!


1. Milkcraft in Fairfield and Bridgeport

Milkcraft has innovative and trendy cones, ice cream, and an ambiance that is eye-catching on all social media platforms. However, it is even more appetizing in person! The experience begins before you open the door when you hear the bass-bumping music, and see dozens of people sitting outside under lights eating their ice cream, and others waiting to order. When you open the door and your senses whirl around the smell of the warm, Hong-Kong style bubble cones that come in original waffle, churro, and red velvet flavors. With a unique menu that includes flavors such as “Famous Blue Cookie Butter,” “Strawberry Balsamic,” and Milk & Cereal”, it is difficult to choose your treat! After ordering, customers eagerly watch the employees pouring liquid ice cream into large mixers, then dumping loads of liquid nitrogen to freeze it. While they are adding toppings to your ice cream, you can take a selfie in front of the elaborate selfie wall! Overall, Milkcraft is the perfect spot for an energetic crowd with anybody that loves ice cream. 


2. Plasko’s Farm Creamy in Trumbull

The delicious, homemade ice cream is only one attraction at the activity-filled Plasko’s Farm! There are dozens of unique, seasonal flavors that are made daily such as “Aloha,” “Banana Butterfinger Crunch” and “Donkey Tracks.” In fact, donkeys are a common theme at Plasko’s, because there is a small farm with donkeys and other animals that you can feed and watch. Additionally, there are seasonal events such as a corn maze, pumpkin picking, as well as a large selection of wreaths and trees during Christmas time. If you aren’t craving ice cream, you can visit their café where they hand-craft numerous coffee and espresso drinks, teas, and juice drinks. These pair fantastically with a pastry from their baked goods such as assorted donuts, pies, breads, and scones. Enjoy all of your treats in their cozy area by the stone fireplace. Plasko’s Farm has amazing ice cream, along with events and offerings that the entire family can enjoy!


3. Saugatuck Sweets in Westport and Fairfield

Sweets is very appropriate to put in the name, because that’s what Saugatuck Sweets is all about! They serve dozens of delicious ice cream flavors such as “Saugatuck Swamp,” “Mint Oreo Bomb,” and “Butterscotch Blonde.” They are also famous for their homemade “Waffle Cabin Waffles.” Some people come just for the ice cream, or waffles, but most people come for their unique “Massive Waffle Sandwich!” It is two scoops of ice cream between two of their signature waffles. In addition to many varieties of ice cream, they also have endless binds of loose candy and sweets to pick out, and even stuffed animals. Saugatuck Sweets is extraordinarily unique, because you will find their treats at many houses for many parties and celebrations. Community members rave about their take-home kits, which can make the Saugatuck Sweets experience last for days! They sell pints of their ice cream along with cookies, waffles, and toppings to make personalized ice cream sandwiches. They also sell baseball hat cups, root beer float kits, and s’mores kits. Saugatuck Sweets is a regular stop for many families during all times of the year!


4. Ferris Acres Creamery in Newtown

Although Ferris Acres is the most popular ice cream shop in Fairfield county, statistics prove its popularity on a broader scale. In 2018, Thrillist voted Ferris Acres as “Among the 31 Best Ice Cream Shops in America.” It is also regularly voted as the best ice cream in Connecticut. Therefore, it is no surprise that there are consistently long lines in front of the small, old fashioned storefront. The farm owners, Charles III and Shirley, make the ice cream each day from the milk products that are produced from their own cows. The cows are located on the same property as the ice cream shop is, and you can visit them while enjoying your fresh ice cream! Ferris Acres has dozens of unique and diverse flavors to choose from, such as “Bada Bing,” “Cookie Jar,” and “Route 302 Chocolate Moo.” They also have seasonal flavors such as “Pumpkin,” “Eggnog,” and “Reindeer Food.” Ferris Acres is a must-visit in Connecticut, and will have you craving their delicious ice cream all year!

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