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Home Hacks for Small Apartments

When you live in a small apartment, everything makes an impression. From unnecessary accessories to cluttered furniture, nothing can go unnoticed. As there is literally no place to hide, you need to pay special attention to both organization and aesthetics. If you want your home to look chic and airy despite its lack of square footage, don't despair. There are many home hacks for small apartments that will help you turn your living space into a real estate gem. Just read on for some great tips!


Home Hacks for Small Apartments

Hinge-mounted Desk

A drop-leaf wall-mounted desk is a great space-saving solution for tight quarters. It is big enough for a laptop and it can also work as a dining table for two. Just add two chairs with a slim silhouette and open up that bottle of wine you have been saving for a cozy night in.


Rolling Chef's Cart

One of the most practical home hacks for small apartments is using a rolling chef's cart. It provides more countertop space and serves as extra storage for your pantry items. Besides, you can always stow it away to create more room in a cramped kitchen.


Oversized Windows

Try keeping your window-to-wall ratio high. Large windows will not only let more light in but will also visually add to your apartment's square footage.


Sliding Walls

Replace the doors with sliding walls on a ledge for a modern and airy look of your place. Thus you can efficiently transform the space in your room into a multi-functional open area or smaller closed areas when you need privacy.


2-in-1 Mirror and Jewelry Storage

No more tangled necklaces! Wall mirrors and custom paintings that can hold all your precious items are great for small spaces. They keep your jewelry neat and organized, and most importantly- out of sight.


Bathroom Towel Rods

Use your door's storage potential. Your towels won't take up any of your wall space if you hang them on rods behind your bathroom door.


Lower Furniture

Play with furniture for a visually larger space. Small lower furniture in bright colors will make your ceilings look higher and create a cheerful focal point to your place.


Home Hacks Create More Space in Your Small Apartment

Yes, it is true that living in a small apartment can be challenging in terms of space and storage. And you may feel discouraged at times whenever you think of remodeling and reorganization. However, you can easily turn things around by incorporating any of the above home hacks for small apartments. You can choose to go for larger windows and lower furniture. Or create more storage options by utilizing small spaces creatively. There are really no limits to your imagination, so accept the challenge and transform your apartment into the home of your dreams.

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