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New York to Connecticut Relocation

Connecticut has always been known as New York’s backyard for native New Yorkers. Especially in recent times (thanks COVID!), many are looking for more space, tranquility or greater quality of life- without giving up access to one of the largest cities, often deemed as “the best city on earth,” New York City! 

Being a native New Yorker myself, Connecticut was never on my mind in terms of living. Being raised in New York my whole life, how could I ever leave? Especially to another state? Well, the moment I was introduced to Fairfield County, I fell in love! 

From the proximity to New York, to the fine sanded beaches, to the award-winning restaurants, I began to wonder why I hadn't made this move sooner. Moreover, I wondered how many New Yorkers were also missing out on the same opportunity I was for so many years. 

I’m here to tell you, making the move is not as daunting as you’d think! The two states work together. Many moving companies travel between the two states for this very purpose. Realtors also keep close connections with each other for their clients making the move between NY and CT constantly, providing top-notch referrals for any of your relocation needs. Wherever you’re moving to, you can rest assured knowing you’re in experienced hands! Many don't realize the nearness of the two states. With Stamford being the closest city to Westchester County, being a mere 20 minute drive away & a brisk 1 hour train ride to Grand Central Terminal; this makes for a commuter's dream to New York, with all the luxuries Connecticut has to offer. 


Connecticut is also known to be more affordable than its neighbor, and I have found that each city and town in the state have their own unique plethora of activities to do! In Fairfield, you can spend the day playing in the sand, collecting seashells, kayaking, paddleboarding, or even gathering around a fire pit on the beach! Want to visit a more secluded, forest-like environment? Travel the winding scenic roads Easton has to offer and take a trip to Silverman’s Farm! Visit this family-run farm popular for animal feedings, pick-your-own-apples & a shop with artisanal homemade products. Whether you love the hustle and bustle of a city, or a more serene environment bird-watching amongst the nature around you, Connecticut has it all!



Many people migrate to Connecticut while still maintaining their New York jobs with ease. For the Manhattan commuter, the Metro North offers a convenient ride all the way up from New Haven if needed. The Metro North conveniently stops all over the two counties (Fairfield & New Haven County), which makes traveling to New York and the city so, so easy. With my own family residing in Westchester County, the drive is a mere 30 minutes down I-95 from Norwalk. I have the luxuries of living up the coast, while I’m still able to enjoy Mom’s homemade cooking whenever I want!


Moving out-of-state seems intimidating to many. Most might be wondering “why?”. I hope with this article, I was able to explain my “why” and enlighten those of you who are considering the move! I will always consider myself a New Yorker at heart, but I see myself happily living in the beautiful state of Connecticut for many years to come. I hope to see some of you as my new neighbors soon!

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