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My New Life at Fairfield Beach

In 2019, I had the luckiest opportunity to escape the never ending hustle and bustle of New York City. I left my house behind, but I brought my home with me to my new life here at Fairfield Beach. As any adjustment is a difficult one, Fairfield County and Fairfield University welcomed me and my fast paced life with open arms. Both have made the move seamless; the genuine and kind people, the spacious and elegant homes, and the scenic nature and beach are just some of the reasons that make Fairfield the perfect place for my new forever home.

As food and clothes are a staple in any young woman’s life, downtown Fairfield as well as neighboring towns, such as Westport and Norwalk, have a myriad of places that I personally love and go to constantly. In 20 minutes, both east and west, provide any Fairfield resident shopping malls with an abundance of shops. There are a multitude of award winning restaurants in every cuisine at my disposal. Whenever I am craving a meal that reminds me of home, my first instinct is to go to Molto on Post Road. As Italian food is the staple of any Italian family, Molto is as authentic as it gets. Furthermore, NY pizza is often a craving of mine, so my attendance at the new Sophie’s Pizza Bar on Brick Walk is a constant reminder of how delicious pizza can be! (it tastes exactly like some pizza from home!) Finally, in need of a NY inspired iced coffee or a delicious bagel, Chef’s Table. Chef’s table has become somewhat of a morning routine; with the best iced coffee, and the infamous, bacon-egg-and-cheese!

When I first decided to go to Fairfield University, what truly convinced me to choose Fairfield was the town that surrounded it. The sense of community and town pride was overwhelming, yet in the best way; it was something that I really have never experienced before. With many schools in the area, there are plenty of opportunities for me to continue my education, just as that is the reason that brought me to Fairfield in the first place. With easy access to live lectures at the Quick Center and a big on campus library, I know I would never feel bored or uninspired.

I could not imagine not making the move and choosing Fairfield to be my first and new home, as the quality of life is just overall much better; it is an enormous breath of fresh air to be here. I could not picture anywhere else being my first home, and now I am so excited to see what CT has in store for me. However, if I ever do miss the hustle and bustle, traveling back to my Mom in Manhattan is a quick hour and a half train ride away.

Written by: Lauren Elliott, Vanderblue Team Intern

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