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Top 5 Local Ski & Snowboard Resorts Within About 1 Hour of Fairfield County

When I was moving out of NYC, I was focusing on homes, neighborhoods, schools, etc.  Still commuting at the time, I was looking in Westchester, New Jersey, Brooklyn (I know Brooklyn is NYC but I was in Manhattan) and wanted to be within an hour of midtown Manhattan.  Brooklyn was so hot that if we looked at a place in the morning, it was gone by the afternoon. Westchester is where I grew up and the homes were within our budget but the high taxes quickly priced us out. I had some College friends in NJ so we found a really nice house and went into contract.  All of my skier friends were razzing me... Jersey, where are you going to ski... The Meadowlands? Oh my goodness... What was I thinking? I made a huge tactical error!  It was Summer time so I wasn't even considering one of my favorite activities. I had multiple friends with Vermont Ski houses and I was about to make myself geographically over 5 hours away. Skiing is such a huge part of my life. I've been skiing since age 4.  I had my daughter on skis at age 1. The year after College, I drove cross country and was a Ski Bum in Lake Tahoe, California.  What was I going to do?  I could just jump on a plane and ski out west... that was my thought process and we got closer and closer to making NJ a reality. Then the appraisal came in and it was short... Really short. Sellers were not willing to make up the difference and I was not willing to overpay for a house I was already regretting because of the ski aspect. This was my way out and that was the end of NJ.  In came Connecticut with its low taxes and proximity to skiing. All other options were curbed. Just under 3 hours to some of the best East Coast Skiing... I was sold.  


What I didn't realize until I was raising a little skier here in Fairfield County is how many great local ski mountains there are within an hour or so. They're not as big and challenging as Vermont but with a child, that's not as important. They're easy to get to.  Most have night skiing.  They're super affordable compared to the bigger mountains. They all have flexible ticket options so they not only offer activities on the weekend but because they're so close, they're great to go to after school and my personal favorite... during a snowstorm (driving carefully). 2 years ago my daughter and I skied Ski Sundown until 10pm during a storm with over a foot of fresh snow and our tracks getting filled-in with new snow after every run. We'll reminisce about this memorable night for the rest of our lives. Without further ado here's what you need to know...


Ski Sundown

Distance from Westport - 1 Hour 14 Minutes - 74 miles

What it'll cost you:


$68 Adult / $58 Kids

$60 Adult / $50 Kids

NIGHT / 6-10PM

$42 Adult / $38 Kids

Pro Tips - This is my daughter's favorite local mountain.  We have skied this mountain countless times after school and my daughter loves the 2 magic carpet bunny hill trails right when you walk on, just to get warmed up.  For us, 4 hours is plenty (unless it's a powder day).


Mount Southington


Distance from Westport - 50 Minutes - 49 miles

What it'll cost you:


$68 Adult / $58 Kids


$62 Adult / $52 Kids

Night (after 5pm)

$40 Adult / $40 Kids

Weekday Special** 9:00AM-3:00PM

$40 Adult / $40 Kids

5 and under

$25 anytime

Pro Tips - Best Waffle Haus around - Do not miss.  Parking is right across the street and probably the quickest and easiest Mountain to park and get going.


Mohawk Mountain


Distance from Westport - 1 Hour 16 Minutes - 68 miles

What it'll cost you:


$40 Adult / $40 Kids


$75 Adult / $65 Kids


$65 Adult / $55 Kids

Pro Tips - This is the oldest and largest ski mountain in Connecticut.  It is located in a State Park so there is no Alcohol.  There is surprisingly a lot of terrain to ski.  No 4 hour option on weekdays but 8 hours in only $40 for everyone.


Powder Ridge


Distance from Westport - 49 Minutes - 49 miles

What it'll cost you:

Saturdays, Sundays & Peak Demand Days: Full Day

$55 Adults / $43 Kids

Weekdays: Full Day

$41 Adults / $31 Kids

Evening Ticket (Available every evening – 3:30 PM to 9 PM)

$27 Adults / $27 Kids

Kids under 5 are always free

Pro Tips - Best local snowmaking.  Great early learning area.  Huge tubbing area.


Thunder Ridge (Big Birch)


Distance from Westport - 45 Minutes - 33 miles

What it'll cost you:

Monday-Thursday, Non-Holiday (10:00AM-5:00PM)

$50 Adult / $50 kids

Friday, Non-Holiday

$65 Adult / $59 Kids ($6 less on all for half day)

Saturday-Sunday & Holiday Periods

$75 Adults / $65 Kids ($6 less on all for half day)

Twilight (3:00PM-9:00PM)

~$50 for all

Night (5:00PM-9:00PM)

~$45 for all

Pro Tips - I raced here on my High School Ski Team - Fox Lane #gofoxes.  The face is steep and somewhat challenging but short.  There is a good long wraparound green trail that the kiddies love. 


So... Get out there and hit the slopes!

*Disclaimer - Prices are as of 2/16/2023

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  1. Julie Lee on

    Love this Blog!! So helpful!! Especially for people with kids or who just want a quick day trip!! Thanks Brian!!