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Prepping Your Home to Sell? These Decluttering Tips are for You!

If you’re considering selling your home soon, you should begin reorganizing and decluttering your space. Buyers most often search for a clean and spacious home when they are on their search. If you want to successfully sell your home, no room or closet in your home can go without these decluttering tips we have for you.


Tidy Front Yard

Your front yard is the first impression potential buyers will have of your home, so it is essential that you make it look neat and put together. Potential buyers will often drive through your neighborhood to take a first look at your home before requesting a showing. Trimming your lawn, adding flowers or potted plants, and powerwashing the front of your house will ensure buyers will have a positive first impression and want to see more.


Put Away Photos

It’s important to depersonalize your home by removing  any of your personal photographs or other sentimental keepsakes. You may love these photos, but to buyers they will make the space look overwhelming and cluttered. As difficult as it is to remove photos of you and your loved ones in a space you have shared, this will allow buyers to imagine your home as their own. And remember, your new home will be a space for you to re-share these photos and make more memories!


Tidy the Bathrooms

When selling your home, presenting that your bathroom is effortlessly clean is a huge selling point for buyers. Toothbrushes, toiletries, and any items in the shower should be put away. Make sure you have a fresh roll of toilet paper and fresh towels. It is always a good idea to purchase new shower curtains and bath mats to give your space even more of a clean look.


Clear Out the Kitchen

Decluttering your kitchen is an essential part of prepping your home to sell. Clear off all countertop spaces, even small appliances, to show buyers the space your kitchen offers. Even if you have a small kitchen, clearing it out and keeping it as minimal as possible will make it appear larger. Remove anything that you have hung on your fridge, such as magnets or artwork.


Clear Out Storage Spaces

If your closets are overstuffed with clothes, potential buyers may think your home doesn’t have enough storage space and will make your home look messy. If your garage has compiled a large amount of clutter, you will want to clear it out in order to showcase the spaciousness of it. Kitchen and bathroom cabinets and drawers should be as empty as possible, because buyers will most likely look inside them while viewing your home.


Make the Most of Your Living Room

A simple living room with no eyesores is best during house showings. Clearing out bookshelves, TV stands, and coffee tables will make your room look much more put together. Be wary of overdoing the throw pillows and blankets, as they can add too much character for a showing. Get rid of any excess or oversized furniture pieces to allow the room to feel more spacious and highlight its features.


Written by: Katherine Rose, Vanderblue Team Intern

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