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2023 Interior Design Trends

Looking to redesign your home or purchasing a new one? We know how difficult it can be to design your space effectively. As interior design trends come and go, we are here to help you stay up to date with the latest trends to refresh your space. Here are 5 of our favorite current home design trends.

1. Minimalism

A minimalistic home design has increased in popularity the last few years, and it is here to stay. This interior design style showcases the homeowner’s essential items that they wish to display to others. It is popular because it gives the home a clean and sophisticated atmosphere. This style is great for people who are intentional with their space and thrive in an organized environment.


2. Nature Inspired

Organic materials and earth tones have recently grown in popularity. Materials like natural wood and stone are great for giving your home a calming effect. Adding greenery or nature inspired artwork are also ways to create a nature inspired aesthetic. Pairing these materials with earth tones like mossy greens, muddy browns, and peaceful blues will add to the natural element of a space and keep the homeowners relaxed.


3. Dark Academia

This trend may be unexpected due to the popularity of all-white looks in the past years, but dark academia is beginning to grow. Dark-toned walls and countertops are great for adding elements of this trend to your home. It gives the feeling of a peaceful and safe space, perfect for reflection and study. The best part about this style is that it can be incorporated into many other home styles, whether they are modern, traditional, or somewhere in between.


4. Sustainability 

As we become more concerned with the state of our environment, people are being cautious about the impacts of their purchases when it comes to home design. Since this has become a priority for many, people are beginning to purchase vintage and thrifted pieces of furniture and decor rather than buy from fast furniture stores. Due to recent supply chain holdups, it makes it more convenient to purchase vintage items, as there is not as much of a wait time when it comes to shipping.


5. Unique Accessories

We are starting to see more interesting and unpredictable accessories being displayed in homes. One-of-a-kind vintage items and family heirlooms are some examples of unique decor to add to your space. If you want to engage in this trend, try exploring antique and thrift stores to find sculptures, vases, decorative bowls, etc. that will add uniqueness to your home.


No matter which of the latest interior design trends you choose to add to your home, you are sure to spruce up your space and give it a new atmosphere. You really can’t go wrong with any of these 5 latest trends. Try to mix and match them around your home to give it the ultimate trendy look!

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