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Single women in CT more likely to own homes than single men

Julie Vanderblue, owner of the Vanderblue Team, spoke with Abigail Brone, a member of Connecticut Public Radio, about how single women are more likely to own homes than single men, and gave her insights as to why she believes single women are dominating homeownership in Connecticut. 

As an expert in her field, Julie attributes the 4% difference between single women and men homeownership to women being more present in the workforce and being more independent. She said, “I just feel like there are more women in the workforce than ever before, and they are taking control of their own lives and futures…Younger women are starting to purchase their own homes more than they used to before or if they get married.” She believes younger women are taking the initiative to buy homes more today than they have ever before. 

Julie also mentioned lifestyle changes that may have resulted in this difference, as she said, “There are probably, after COVID, a rise in divorces, so more single women.”

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