Thoughts on Design: How to Turn a House into a Home

For this post we went to our design partner Wowhaus who gives us cheeky styling tips on how to turn a house into a home. A must read you won't find anywhere else.

Take an antique family frame and use it as a backdrop for a piece of art you love. But don’t frame it... just set the art in it... even let the hanging wire show! Do go bold in your powder room... yes, it’s small and fun so take a risk! Turn those carpets backside up... their texture is subtle and heavenly, and lived in. Out with the new in with your loves and treasures. Remember when DK first came out? Well, anyone with style would never wear all Donna Karan! Why live in an RH house?


Do a mod kitchen with a flying saucer cooktop in platinum with great Renzo Piano bones! And pair it with those wonderful vintage rinds you always loved and could never throw out even though everyone always asked you why on earth are you keeping those? The next tablescape you have to do... use your fabulous remnant guest bath wallpaper, lay it over a white cloth and with orange and magenta dayglo masking tape you’ve a one-of-a-kind tableau that would make Letitia Baldridge proud. If you happen to have a set of original Wyeth lithographs grab your pair of black French Aigle riding boots and delight in the dialogue between them. Enfin, if you’ve a bench, a cement floor and a specimen rock, by all means, show it off


by Holly Jaffe of the design atelier WOWHAUS

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