Westport, Connecticut | My Home Sweet Home

For me, coming home from college means being able to return to the beautiful town of Westport, CT. As an incoming senior at university, I continue to cherish my time spent at home and reuniting with all of my hometown friends. There are many special spots that my friends and I return to when we all get back where we can fill each other in about the months we were away

The first few days back, it has become routine to get food while we all recap our semesters. The remodeled Sherwood Diner on Post Road is the perfect place to catch up. They offer a variety of milkshakes, coffees, and impeccable diner food (I highly recommend their cinnamon swirl pancakes and avocado toast). With the warm weather, the options for food and fun seem endless near Compo Beach and Old Mill. You can play a game of basketball, beach volleyball, skateboard, or just enjoy the views of the sound. If you start to feel hungry, Hook’d on the Sound is a convenient spot to grab a quick bite as it’s located directly on the beach. Another classic food spot that my friends and I love visiting is the Old Mill Grocery and Deli, located directly across from Old Mill Beach. 

There are many ways to stay active and have fun this summer for young adults. One of these being the multiple workout facilities spread throughout town (my favorite being [Solidcore], located along Post Road). If group fitness classes aren’t your thing, then walking around Winslow Park with your friends and/or dog is an ideal way to enjoy a lovely summer day. A few of my favorite walking spots I’ve encountered throughout the years include: Compo Beach, Sherwood State Park, Winslow Park, Burying Hill Beach and Burying Hill Beach. 

Shopping is plentiful in Westport, especially in the heart of the beautiful Downtown. This spot has served as a distinct staple for my friends and I to spend the day. Downtown Westport is filled with numerous shops and restaurants - whether you want a quick bite to eat or if you want a nice sit down, Westport’s Downtown has them all! Another special aspect of this downtown is the Westport Public Library. It’s the perfect destination to meet up with friends and work on our school assignments. 

Whether you want to grab your beach chairs and head to the beach, get a bite to eat, take workout classes, or walk around and enjoy the beautiful scenery - Westport continues to be the perfect place to call home. 

By Elizabeth Casey, Vanderblue Team Intern

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