Urban to Suburban

Why Fairfield County?
  • No matter the town, you’re no more than
    60 miles from NYC
  • A plethora of lifestyles to choose from
  • Vast Variety of Cultural Opportunities
  • Fairfield County is ranked #1 by Niche.com
  • Our public schools received a grade of A+ by Niche.com
  • Private schools for every need


Unique to the Vanderblue Team, we offer specialists of every town!




  • First-hand urban to suburban experience and knowledge
  • Our extensive network of trusted partners plays a big role in any Urban to Suburban move. From home inspectors, contractors, movers, and even dog walkers- our network runs deep and wide.
  • Our combined skills have assisted hundreds of individuals and families discover their new lifestyle, hometown and in turn, their new home sweet home.
Things to Consider...
1. What am I looking for in a town in terms of culture, size, and sense of community?
2. What will my commute look like both in terms of time and quality?
3. How important is walkability versus privacy and land?
4. What is there to do on the weekends and in the summer?
5. How late do things stay open (eg. can I get pizza past 9 pm?)?
6. What should I know about the schools (private, public, pre-schools)?
7. What are the town’s child care options?
8. Is there an active stay-at-home moms or dads community?
9. What aspects of my childhood home do I want my children to have?



For more information,
please call any of our experienced
Urban to Suburban Specialists at
The Vanderblue Team, including
Lori Auerbach & Anne Frewen.

Anne Frewen | 484.678.906

Lori Auerbach | 646.734.3514
Lori Auerbach and Anne Frewen are truly passionate about helping city dwellers figure out their perfect neighborhood and home partially because they’ve been through the move themselves.

Both transplants from NYC, they have fallen in love with Fairfield County but they also
understand the pitfalls to avoid when making the transition.

The combination of their professional and personal experiences make them a dynamic team that goes above and beyond to help new residents feel at home in Fairfield County.