Staging for sale: Exterior

Your home must sell itself! An attractive home, well maintained and sparkling clean, is the most appealing to potential buyers. The following list covers those items that influence buyers most. We offer it for your consideration as you place your home on the market.



  • Trim the lawn and keep it green. Shape up the shrubs & weed the flower beds. Keeping the lawn mowed during the  summer months gives a well-maintained impression
  • Check porches and decks for loose rails that may need to be replaced or painted
  • Clear the entry by keeping the walks free of toys, garden tools and other hazards
  • Brighten the structure with a coat of paint or just a good cleaning.  Replace screens if they are rusted or torn.  Remove mildew or moss from walls or sidewalks with bleach and water or a  commercial cleaner.
  • Add charm with flowers along the entry walk, in a pot by the door or in cheerful window boxes.


First Impression! A pleasing exterior appearance is essential for that critical first impression. These simple suggestions will help show off your property to it’s best advantage.


  • Rid the driveway of grease stains with kitty litter or a chemical solvent.
  • Pick up all pet droppings and debris.
  • Tidy up the garage and show off its size.  Get rid of everything you don’t want to move.
  • Do you know your septic location—how long has it been since your septic was cleaned?  Septic systems should be cleaned every two years to keep your fields from clogging.
  • Do you know the location of your well?
  • Do you know your boundary lines—is there a survey or plot plan available?
  • Roof - is the roof leaking?  How long has the present roof been on your home - does it need to be replaced?