We understand that separation and divorce can be a chaotic time. It's hard enough without the added stress of selling a family home or purchasing a new home as a single individual. We have been there ourselves and have worked with many clients who needed a little extra guidance as they went through the process. We are here to make sure our clients feel supported at every turn, from the first meeting through to closing day, and beyond.


Individual Representation
The option for each party to have their own Realtor to represent their interests

Open Communication
Ensuring that all parties feel heard during the home-selling process, and a commitment to transparency and proactive communication throughout

Finding Common Ground
Working to identify areas all parties can agree on, while ensuring wants and needs are effectively communicated

Proven Track Record
We’ve helped many couples negotiate the sale of common property, enabling each party to move forward with dignity

Discreet and Professional
You need someone representing your interests. We work for YOU.

Go beyond the google search and work with the team that knows the area best.



Divorce & Separation

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Divorce and Separation Team

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