Neighborhood Network

How can we help your business grow?


We believe that our clients’ needs are more extensive than a single real estate transaction. From recommending restaurants, home service professionals, places to shop in the community and recreational activities, we understand that buyers and sellers are always looking for advice from people they trust. They are turning to us for the most important transaction in their life...the purchase or sale of their home. We have built relationships based on trust referring only quality businesses in the community. By creating partnerships with companies like yours, The Vanderblue Team is able to subsidize the high costs of advertising and marketing, creating more exposure which leads to more business for all of us. Our team has closed close to a billion dollars worth of Real Estate. We are recognized by The Wall Street Journal as top 1% of real estate team in the Nation. We earn the trust of our past and future clients, and they turn to us for referrals of all kind. We choose our partners carefully and we hope you will join us in our quest to enhance and improve the lives of families in Fairfield County. Together we can and will make a difference.