Why we do it | Neighbors Know Best

With Connecticut’s 169 distinct municipalities, boasting hundreds of smaller enclaves, hamlets, neighborhoods, and authentic communities, there is little wonder why the unlimited excellent choices can become daunting.

Consumers place the highest degree of trust and value in the ratings, reviews, and personalized reports of those already experiencing the home buying process. Accordingly, we are asking you, as a member of your respective community, to share your unique insight with prospective buyers.

Buyers are determined to learn the lifestyle nuances of the community they are considering. To be clear, we are not suggesting that any buyer will make their decision based upon the highly subjective comments of community residents alone, but such experiential input can make a significant difference.

Few buyers are comfortable with ringing local door bells in order to ask the many questions they naturally have of local residents. To help potential buyers, we created the Neighbors Know Best Program.

The knowledge of local residents versus on-line data for buyers can become a true tipping point in their lifestyle decision. You can provide your impressions and insights of your particular neighborhood or town either by remaining anonymous or through a public display of neighborhood pride.

Thank you for providing this valuable insight into where you call home!

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