Consumer-centric to our core, The Vanderblue Team at Higgins Group focuses on increasing and enhancing the value we bring to our many buyers, sellers, renters and investors. This is achieved by collaborating our efforts in order to provide a higher level of skill and experiential knowledge. Highly accomplished in the ART OF NEGOTIATION, The Vanderblue Team at Higgins Group achieves a higher list to sale price for our sellers, while consistently securing real value for our buyers with a lower than average list to sale price ratio.



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Fairfield Food On the Go01.27.2023

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As a college student, I often feel like I am in a constant time crunch. Balancing classes, homework, an internship, working out, and a social life creates a busy schedule, one where I do not always have time to cook a meal or sit down to eat one. On days like this, I turn to some of my [...]

My New Life at Fairfield Beach01.20.2023

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In 2019, I had the luckiest opportunity to escape the never ending hustle and bustle of New York City. I left my house behind, but I brought my home with me to my new life here at Fairfield Beach. As any adjustment is a difficult one, Fairfield County and Fairfield University welcomed me and [...]